The nation of Scotland has a lot of interesting places, culture, and way of life, but what’s unique about Scotland is its Schooling System. If you’re considering a Scottish way of schooling, then you won’t be regretting this as a choice. Scotland is known as one of the top nations when it comes to providing quality schooling.          

The Scottish Way

The Scottish learning system puts a solid emphasis on implementing broad education. Which means that, unlike the usual professional or vocational studies, the curriculum focuses broadly on humanities, literature, virtues, and morality. The education system aims to create and mold citizens who actively participate in issues and concerns of the country. With this kind of setup, Scotland is able to produce people who are free from dogmas, ideologies, and preconception. Therefore making them open-minded enough to be aware of judgments, words, and actions.

This country in the United Kingdom harbors some of the oldest and well-known universities in the world. These universities follow their own curriculum called the “Curriculum for Excellence”. Their specific framework clearly portrays how Scottish people give importance to the quality of their lessons. As a result of its excellent educational system, Scotland was able to keep its literacy rate at a high level.

Digging Deeper

If you’re considering to study abroad, especially on language and humanities courses, then Scotland is the right one for you.

Their institutions are globally known for giving quality teaching and top tier results. They are the U.K.’s pioneer when it comes to education and has tailored their learners into the best person of their specialization. Those who went to Scottish schools tend to have higher employment chances than those who did not because employers know and value the products of knowledge that their system produces.

It is also an appropriate training ground for researchers and those who aspire to be one. Scotland is ranked second in the globe in terms of research publication production. Also, they come in third as a country whose publications are most cited in different researches all around the world.