As a student, we tend to neglect our health and wellbeing. That is mainly because of the workload of stuff that we have to do. There are tons of homework, quizzes, projects, and reports that we should accomplish. Our busy schedule makes us stay up all night, skip breakfast just to be early at school, or rely on large volumes of coffee and junk food just to keep us alert. 

But believe it or not, you can still be healthy while you are on campus studying. Follow these tips that we will give you, and you will surely keep yourself healthy and fit.

1.    Start small

Just like any other endeavors, you should start small if you want to a healthy life on campus. Start by switching to whole grain bread instead of the ordinary one. Then, gradually add veggies to your diet. Every large accomplishment starts with baby steps, so if you wan’t to have an overall healthy diet, start now.

2.    Embrace everything microwaveable

You might have heard a lot of misconceptions about microwaves and microwaveable food. However, embracing a diet of microwaved food can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. It might not be as delicious as the one you see on cooking shows. But it can give you a variety of healthy food options such as salads, greens, beans, and pre-prepared foods. 

3.    Insert protein in your diet

Eating carbs isn’t enough. A lack of protein in your diet would make you feel hungry again just moments after you ate. That is why you should really include protein-rich food in your diet. Our top picks include chicken, eggs, tofu, beans, and tuna. 

4.    Start loving veggies

Majority of us hate veggies. However, veggies play an important role in having adequate nutrition. Plus, it is so cheap that it is very friendly for those who are on a tight budget. That is why you really need to start loving veggies. Also, combine fruits in your diet.