Anxiety levels among undergraduates enrolled in universities are now rising at an alarming rate. This is because of too much stress and challenges they must encounter on a daily basis. Some of which are the workload of assignments, quizzes, and examinations.

What do the statistics say?

In the 14,000 undergrads that took part in the said study, two out of three of them believe that they must tell their parents or their guardian about their present mental health condition. Majority of them are already experiencing mental health issues “under extreme circumstances.” 

The survey also presented that the number of students with low anxiety has significantly gone down, from 21 percent in 2016 to only just 16 percent in 2019. On the other hand, students from the LGBTQ+ sector do have a significantly lower anxiety level compared to their colleagues.

When asked what caused their anxiety levels to rise, 35 percent of them blames themselves for not exerting much effort in their studies. Twenty-one percent of them, on the other hand, blamed their challenging course as the culprit in their rising anxiety levels. 

What caused the rise in anxiety levels?

There are a lot of factors that may have instigated a rise in their anxiety levels.

The researchers suggested the increased homework and the difficulty of the course may have caused the increase.

However, the report said that the upsurge in anxiety levels is already expected. It signified that challenging the students can bring both positive and negative effects depending on the student’s response.

As we all know, increased anxiety levels can cause depression and suicidal tendencies to someone. That is why universities are now trying to improve the students’ optimism despite the challenges they are facing. Universities are trying to encourage their students to talk about their mental health issues to their parents or guardians.