If you find yourself inclined to music, there’s so much thing that you can do to indulge in this art while you are in the university. A university is a place to explore everything you are passionate about as there are a lot of support groups that you can join. As such, music group abound every university. All you need to do is too look for the right one for you and you’re in for a start.

A cappella Groups

A lot of universities have their own acapella groups, especially with the popularity the movie Pitch Perfect is receiving today. If you ever aspire to harmonize with a group and produce pitch perfect notes, joining an acapella group is a great start. The best part about this is you actually don’t need to own any musical instrument; just your angelic voice would be enough.


If you feel like you can join a large group of musician, you can audition in the university’s ensemble team. But in joining this type of group, you need to have mastered at least one musical instrument. If you a good pianist, joining an ensemble is perfect to improve your skills.


Majority of schools also have a theatrical group or society. If West End’s theatrical performances is what floats your boat, then joining in one is definitely for you. Try to lurk on the school’s theatre or art group and ask if they need any musical trainees. Or if they are having an audition, go try it out. Who knows, you might be the next big theatrical star several years from now.


Unlike the straight theatre plays, the university’s musical presentations always need musical accompaniment. In musicals, you get to meet like-minded people who share the same passion. Universities are indeed an excellent venue to bring out the best in your performing arts chops.


Another way of enhancing your talent in music is to offer help in the university’s musical campaigns. Well, these campaigns may range from advertising the school, providing a snippet of the recent program, or even just voicing out the thoughts of the students.

Open Mic

It is a common thing nowadays that universities also hold an open mic activity. This means that you can showcase your voice randomly by just dropping by to one of these open mic gigs at school.


While you cannot showcase your voice in the pub, you can still practice your craft by writing original song reviews and descriptions. You can even scribble any song compositions that you have and encourage other students to do the same.