First-time job seekers are benefitting from the multitude of job openings in the job market. There is a high demand for workers much to the advantage of job seekers. Companies are offering competitive entry-level compensation packages which mean good pay and even better perks. So which is the best among the best?

Amanda Stansell of Glassdoor Economic Research revealed that according to their research, the pay is highest in the fields of technology and finance and consulting. The respondents of the study were employees based in the US who were not over 25 years of age. These people were Glassdoor users who submitted data of their salaries in 2018 which were collected from March 2018 to February 2019. Jobs and internships with less than 25 salary reports were not considered.

 Tech Jobs for Entry Level

There are jobs that will always be sought after in the market because they supply the needs of the society. These include plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, and a recent addition – all jobs that have to do with technology.

With technology becoming more and more embedded in our lives, these tech-related jobs are likewise becoming more and more essential. Consequently, Glassdoor researchers recommend students to build up their skills in relation to this trade.

According to Business News Daily, the study found that data scientists in the entry-level position are being paid an average of $95,000 annually while software engineers get an average of $90,000 as a yearly salary. Next on the list of high-paying jobs are product managers who are paid an average of $89,000 a year, followed by investment banking analysts and product designers who both get $85,000 a year. Other high-paying jobs are Java developers, software developers, and mechanical engineers who are paid an average $65,000 to $72,000 a year.

High Paying Tech and Finance Companies

Among the 25 companies that give the highest pay, half are technology-based.  Topping the list is Facebook, who offers its interns $8,000 a month. Next is Amazon who pays interns $7,725 per month, followed by Salesforce at $7,667 per month, then Google at $7,500 per month, and Microsoft at $7,250 per month.

Glassdoor believes that companies offering this competitive compensation do this to attract job seekers who are cream of their crops.