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Anxiety Levels Among Undergrad Students Steadily Increasing

Anxiety levels among undergraduates enrolled in universities are now rising at an alarming rate. This is because of too much stress and challenges they must encounter on a daily basis. Some of...

Why You Should Give College Housing a Try

Choosing a college entails more than choosing a school, it’s also a choice of where you will spend most of your time for the next four years of your life.

Student Loans Can Leave Graduates Scarred For Life

As soon as you graduate college, you embark on a new stage in your life and get a chance to prove yourself. For most, however, outstanding balance in student loans is a kind of...

7 Ways to get Indulge in Music While You are in the Univ

If you find yourself inclined to music, there's so much thing that you can do to indulge in this art while you are in the university. A university is a place to...

The Makings of an Effective Leader

Leaders create inspiration. They want people to thrive for a better outcome. They demonstrate certain skills that create a huge impact on their team’s performance. They learn these attitudes throughout their experiences in life. And...

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