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Student Loans Can Leave Graduates Scarred For Life

As soon as you graduate college, you embark on a new stage in your life and get a chance to prove yourself. For most, however, outstanding balance in student loans is a kind of...

Why You Should Give College Housing a Try

Choosing a college entails more than choosing a school, it’s also a choice of where you will spend most of your time for the next four years of your life.

4 Tips to Stay Healthy While on Campus

As a student, we tend to neglect our health and wellbeing. That is mainly because of the workload of stuff that we have to do. There are tons of homework, quizzes, projects,...

Internships with the Best Pay

First-time job seekers are benefitting from the multitude of job openings in the job market. There is a high demand for workers much to the advantage of job seekers. Companies are offering competitive entry-level compensation...

Anxiety Levels Among Undergrad Students Steadily Increasing

Anxiety levels among undergraduates enrolled in universities are now rising at an alarming rate. This is because of too much stress and challenges they must encounter on a daily basis. Some of...

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